Marshall Perkins

The following “case history” was found in Marshall Perkins’ prison file in the Missouri State Archives. It was typed on Missouri State Penitentiary letterhead. According to the document, Ben B. Stewart was Acting Warden. While unsigned, it appeared to have been written by Joesph T. Lamar, Bureau of Identification.

Present Case History

Arrested by Police Department, Kansas City, Missouri on June 4, 1948, under charge of investigation for statutory rape. On June 8, 1948, charged by the Sheriff’s Office, Jackson County, Kansas City, Missouri, with statutory rape and hibitual criminal act.

Convicted of raping.a young white female, about 13-yrs of age, girl (name not available) was returning home around ll p.m. after seeing show at Vista Theater, Kansas City, Missouri, with another female companion. At Eleventh and Prospect, the two girls seperated to go to their respective homes, and victim turned east on Prospect, and was siezed by negro (PERKINS) and dragged to a garage. The girl companion heard her screams, and immediately ran to the victim’s father’s home.

The victim’s father entered the garage and accosted the negro and his daughter but the negro escaped and was apprehended as above.

* * * *

Will be the 22nd victim in the lethal gas chamber, and the third of 22 death sentences to be convicted for rape. Will be the 18th negro to be executed.

Other death sentences for rape:

John Jones, Negro, Executed, 6-14-38, New Madrid Co. Age–34
James Thomas, Negro, Executed, 10-19-44, St. Louis Co. Age–20

Will be the first subject executed from Jackson County, since Ernest Tyler, Negro, was executed on April 24, 1942, on a First Degree Murder Charge.

Will be the third oldest man to be executed in the gas chamber:

Oldest — Allen Lambus, Age–72 when executed, 5-15-44. Murder 1st
2nd — John Williams on, Age–82 when executed, 2-15-39, Murder 1st.

Incidentally, James Thomas, Age–20 when executed for Rape, was the youngest man to be executed in the gas chamber.