MO Supreme Court upholds death penalty for Kenneth Baumruk

The state supreme court has upheld the death sentence of a man who shot up the St. Louis County Courthouse twenty years ago. The court is unanimous in denying all of Kenneth Baumruk‘s claims that the judge and his lawyer in his murder trial made mistakes. The judges say some of Baumruk’s claims lack any merit.

Baumruk shot and killed his wife during a court hearing on their divorce. He also wounded her attorney, his attorney, and a court bailiff. He shot at and missed the judge who fled through a door.

Baumruk eventually was shot nine times by courthouse security officers, including twice in the head. His head wounds kept him from going to trial for several years until he was deemed mentally competent. He was convicted and sentenced to death in 2001.

Baunruk, who turned 73 last Friday, is the oldest person under a death sentence in Missouri.

Source: Missourinet