Governor Nixon denies clemency appeal by Link

The Governor’s Office released the following statement from Gov. Jay Nixon regarding his decision on the petition for clemency from Martin Link:

Earlier today, I received from my counsel a final briefing on the petition for clemency from Martin Link, which has been reviewed in detail. After careful deliberation, I have denied this petition.

As Governor, this is a power and a process I do not take lightly, particularly in capital punishment cases. Each instance involves a very specific set of facts, which must be considered on its own.

Twenty years ago, the promising young life of Elissa Self-Braun was brutally taken through an extreme act of violence. The facts and the evidence supporting the prosecution and conviction of Martin Link for kidnapping, rape and first-degree murder were, and remain, clear and unchanged.

Martin Link’s violent crimes affected numerous victims. As this case reaches its conclusion and the sentence is carried out, I ask that Missourians remember Elissa Self-Braun and keep her family, and the victims of his other crimes, in their thoughts and prayers.