Updating Death Row website

We’re making some changes to the website and a lot of our content will be unavailable for the next few days. We hope to have everything back in order by the weekend but until then… you can find everything here. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Yeah, stick with the link above for now. There’s been more link rot than I realized. A lot of our audio links (oral arguments before Missouri Supreme Court) aren’t working. Same for links to SC opinions. This will be a work in progress. Still hope to have the core content back up by Monday.

UPDATE: We’re finding most (all?) of our links to the MO Supreme Court documents are broken. Not sure if we’ll go back and try to re-create all of those. For now, just use the link in the sidebar to the court’s search page. Pretty fast.

Oh, and a word about comments. We long ago abandoned the idea of moderating comments. This is site is intended to be an archive and takes no position of capital punishment. Just ignore the comments link until we can remove it from this theme.