AG seeks execution date for neo-Nazi mass-murderer

Attorney General Chris Koster has asked the state supreme court to set an execution date for Joseph Paul Franklin, who killed a man outside a St. Louis synagogue in 1977.

Koster says Franklin carefully planned the murder in Richmond Heights. He confessed to the murder in 1994. By then Franklin was serving six consecutive life sentences at a federal prison in Illinois. Franklin, who joined the neo-Nazi movement and the Ku Klux Klan, also has been convicted of murdering two African-American men in Utah, of killing an interracial couple in Wisconsin, and of bombing a synagogue in Tennessee. He also claims he is the one whose gunshots left Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt paralyzed.

He’s under a Missouri death sentence for murdering Gerald Gordon, and of wounding two other men in a synagogue parking lot after a Bar Mitzvah.

3 thoughts on “AG seeks execution date for neo-Nazi mass-murderer

  1. WD

    Joseph Paul Franklin is a hero! They shouldn’t be executing him they should give him a medal of honor. Yah-Bless!

  2. lori cooper mohr

    Hello I would like to say something.Believe it or not this is his daughter.I have not had my father all my life because of all this hate crap!Get over it!U talk about GOD!GOD made everyone!LOVES EVERYONE!and sees no respect of persons.I am praying 4 all of u.I have prayed 4 my father my whole life!GOD is always good always right and ALWAYS right on time!

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