State of Missouri v. Walter Junior Blair

Cite as 638 SW 2d 739 (Mo.banc 1982)

Walter Junior Blair was executed on July 21, 1993

Case Facts:  Walter Blair was in the same jail as fellow inmate Larry Jackson. Jackson was in jail for the alleged rape of the victim. Jackson was referred to Blair by other inmates because Jackson wanted to have her killed before she could testify against him. Blair’s reputation in jail was “being able to hold his own” and not being afraid of anyone. Jackson offered Blair two thousand dollars. On July 16, 1979 Blair was released on bond from jail . He spoke with Jackson, who was still in jail several times by telephone about the proposed murder and Jackson raised his offer to six thousand dollars. On Friday August 17, Blair went to watch the “white girl” and possibly “take her out [kill her]” Early in the morning of the 18th, Blair walked to the apartment of the victim where he hid across the street and watched for suspicious activity. Seeing none, Blair stood under the apartment bedroom window, removed the screen, and entered the bedroom. The victim and her boyfriend were asleep on a mattress in the living room. When they awakened, Blair ordered the victim to get up and leave with him. Around 6:30am, screaming and three gunshots were heard on East 34th Street in Kansas City. At approximately 7:00am, police found the victims body in a vacant lot four blocks from Blair’s home. The victim was nude from the waist up and had been shot in the head, chest, and wrist. Subsequent examination of the gunpowder burns around the wounds indicated that the shots had been fired from close range. The body also bore abrasion and lacerations which were consistent with the victim’s being struck in the head with a brick before her death.