State of Missouri v. Jeffery Paul Sloan

756 S.W. 2d. 503-505

Jeffery Paul Sloan was executed on February 21, 1996

Case Facts:  On 12-11-85 at 11:30 a.m. officers of the Missouri State Highway patrol and deputies from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department responded to a residence in Clinton County for a possible homicide. Upon arrival at the Paul Sloan residence, the bodies of Jason Sloan, age nine, Timothy Sloan, age 18, Judith Sloan, age 38 and Paul Sloan, age 41 were all found, apparently dead from gunshot wounds. One member of the family, Jeffery was not present. Approximately 45 minutes after police arrived at the scene, Jeffery Sloan returned to his family’s residence. Authorities considered Sloan a suspect since there was no sign of burglary and all other family members were deceased.

Sloan was transported to the Clinton County Sheriff’s office where he was questioned concerning the murders. Sloan made a statement to authorities blaming a neighbor for the murders because the neighbor was having an affair with his mother. Further investigation revealed that Sloan had told his girlfriend, who lived next door, that his family had been receiving threatening phone calls and notes. After Sloan went to work, he arranged for his girlfriend to go to his home where she discovered the bodies.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., after speaking with his grandfather, Sloan confessed to the murders of his father, mother and two brothers. Sloan told authorities that his father was abusive to the family and that he committed the murders at the request of his mother who could no longer stand to see the abuse continue. Sloan was charged with four counts of Murder First Degree.

Legal Chronology

12/11 – Jeffrey Paul Sloan arrested for the murder of his mother, father, and two brothers in Clinton County.

3/11 – Petitioner charge with four counts of first degree murder.
10/15 – Venue changed with four counts of first degree murder.

1/23 – The state dismisses the charges of murder for the killing of petitioner’s mother and father and his brother Timothy.
1/30 – Sloan is convicted after a jury trial of the first degree murder of his brother Jason Sloan and the jury recommends a sentence of death.
2/20 – Sloan files a motion for a judgment not withstanding the verdict or in the alternative a new trial.
4/3 – Evidentiary hearing held on a motion for judgment not withstanding the verdict or in the alternative a new trial. The motion is denied and petitioner is sentenced to death.
4/10 – Notice of appeal filed.

6/24 – Sloan files a pro se Rule 29.15 motion with Circuit Court of Clay County (Petitioner subsequently files three amended Rule 29.15 motions through counsel.).
7/26 – Sloan’s conviction and sentence are affirmed by the Missouri Supreme Court en banc on direct appeal.
12/19 – The Circuit Court of Clay County issues findings of fact and conclusions of law denying Sloan’s Rule 29.15 motion.
12/29 – Sloan files a notice of appeal.

11/14 – The Missouri Supreme Court en banc affirms the denial of Sloan’s post-conviction motion.

4/3 – Sloan files a petition for the writ of habeas corpus in the Untied States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

7/21 The United States District denies the habeas corpus petition.

3/14 – The United States District court denies a motion to alter or amend its judgment.

5/15 – The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the denial of the habeas corpus petition.
8/2 – The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals denies rehearing en banc.
8/11 The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issues its mandate.

1/8 – The United States Supreme Court denies certiorari.
1/9 – The State of Missouri files a motion to set execution date with the Missouri Supreme Court.