About Missouri “Death Row”

The Missourinet has covered every execution since the death penalty was reinstated in
Missouri in 1989 (George Mercer). The objective of this website is to
be a repository of information about those who have been executed and those currently under death sentence. Along with news about the death penalty, you’ll find some of the history of the death penalty in Missouri, including interviews (audio)
with the condemned, members of victim’s families and reporters assigned
to cover executions. For additional news about the death penalty in
Missouri, visit Missourinet.com.

should be pointed out that Missouri –one of only two such states–
does not have a “death row.” Inmates under a sentence of capital
punishment are housed within the general population at the Potosi
Correctional Facility. We have taken some license with the naming of
this site because we could not think of anything to call it.

This web site is not associated with the Missouri Department of Corrections. Capital Punishment in Missouri is maintained by The Missourinet,
a division of Learfield Communications, Jefferson City, Missouri. All
inquiries regarding inmates, past or present, should be directed to the
Missouri Department of Corrections, P.O. Box 236, Jefferson City, MO,
65102; email; Tel: 573.751.2389; Fax: 573.751.4099. Questions or comments about this website can be sent to The Missourinet.