Carman Deck sentenced to death for third time

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Carman L. Deck was sentenced for a third time
today to death for the 1996 fatal shootings of an elderly couple from
De Soto. Two previous death sentences for Deck, now 43, had been
overturned on appeal.

death sentence was imposed today at Hillsboro by Jefferson County
Circuit Judge Gary Kramer, who accepted the recommendation of a jury
that heard the arguments for the death penalty in September."

One thought on “Carman Deck sentenced to death for third time

  1. Karen Long

    It’s time to stop playing this game. The court system needs to wake up and see these murderers are playing the system. They are making a mockery out of the judicial system. Thirty-six jurors have listened to the facts and three times have come back with the same conclusion – death. What ever happened to justice for victims?

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